ESCAMEX offers a great selection of party supplies for all of your event needs! 

Call us in advance to ensure we have the theme you are looking for!


We have a range of high quality piñatas that come in different themes, characters, and sizes! A few examples include:  LOL, Shopkins, Disney Princesses, Fortnite, La Chilindrina, Corona Bottles, Thomas the Train, Batman, Cars, Mickey mouse, and many more!

We also have a variety of Mexican and American candy such as: Pre-Mixed Piñata Candy Bags, Duvalin, Chocolate Bars (Snickers, M&Ms, …), Tamarindo Candy, Paletas con Chile, Chicles, Gelatinas, Paletas Payaso, Lollipops, and Character Candy!



Send the Pinata of your choice two or three weeks prior the day you need it !

And… are you craving a little bit of Mexico? Vengan por un pedacito de Mexico en Downtown LA! Tenemos Chocolate Abuelita, Molcajetes, Lotería, Cacahuates con Chile, Cacahuates con Limon, Churritos, Quesos, Cocadas, Dulce de Coco, Galletas Mexicanas, Sodas Mexicanas, Coca-Cola, Trapeadores, Escobas, Mazapan, Cajeta Y MUCHOS MAS ANTOJITOS!

Free Parking behind the store! / ¡Estacionamiento Gratis detrás de la tienda!

*Off of Hemlock St., between Olympic and 12th St.*

We do not have a price list if you would like prices send us a email of the prices you need and we will make sure to answer you right away ! or call (213)624-4174


    Party Supplies   



Pinatas para todas ocaciones: Hello Kitty, Toy Story, Cars, Numbers, Santa Clause, Tinkerbell, Estrellas con diferentes personajes, Thomas the Train, Superheroes, La Chilindrina, Corona, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Y MUCHOS MAS!



Ofrecemos dulces mexicanos/americanos: Pre-Mixed Piñata Candy Bags, Dulce Suelto (per pound), Chocolate Bars (Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way…), Tamarindo Candy, Paletas con Chile, Gelatinas, Paletas Payaso, Character Candy, Y MUCHOS MAS!


Tenemos muchos antojitos mexicanos: Chocolate Abuelita, Molcajetes, Lotería, Cacahuates, Churritos, Quesos, Cremas Mexicanas, Dulce de Coco, Galletas Mexicanas, Sodas Mexicanas, Coca-Cola, Trapeadores, Escobas, Mazapan, Cajeta, Y MUCHOS MAS!

Hot Cheeto Astroids have arrived!


941 S Birch St. Los Angeles, CA 90021


Tel: (213) 624 - 4174

Fax: (213) 623 - 7308

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